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Dominican Diary

Sunday, February 18 th My day begins earlier than it needs to, at 1:30 in the morning to be exact. Yesterday the children left in the morning with Ben’s mom and sister and after crying and intensely missing them, I started in on the day’s to-do list of packing and housework and gradually found a relief that the were gone and a confidence that yes, they would be okay and more than okay, very fine and having lots of fun without me. Ben had to work more overtime yesterday, and by 7:30 at night when he was done working and I was done packing, we were both so tired we got in bed and fell asleep. That’s what old age is going to do to us, I guess—make us unadventurous people who fall asleep at 7:30. It felt so good. No one to keep us up, no bedtime routine to do, just falling asleep. Now waking up Sunday at 1:30, I’ve already slept enough hours and I’m excited enough about our trip that I can’t fall back asleep. Outside there is snow, but we’re hoping not enough on the roads to m

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