selecting or choosing from various sources.
made up of what is selected from different sources.

A few bloggers I’ve read advise focusing one’s blog on a particular theme: politics, culture, homemaking, parenting, frugality ….   Though I read and love single-focused blogs, and they probably are better at attracting readers and advertisements, my blog will be … eclectic.  Which in my case is probably another word for scatter-brained.  My life right now can feel pulled in a dozen directions, my thoughts sifting through my relationship with God, my husband, children, friends, church, then whirling through literature, politics, philosophy, health, couponing … and I want a place to write by turns about all of these, or none of the above.  I want a place where I can …

Discover words: I love to write, though in recent busy-mommy years my writing rarely makes it past thoughts and onto the screen.  I want a place where I can write to find out what I think, a place to play with words, where it’s okay if it’s not perfect because I may not have time that day to edit, this blog is not a model for my young writing students, and well, my writing isn’t quite as polished or academic as it was in college.

Treasure moments: I want my online presence to help me treasure my offline life more, as I write to remember what my children said or did today, and how I feel so immeasurably blessed.  If this blog keeps me riveted to the screen to the exclusion of face-time with people I love, if I’m not treasuring moments because I’m too busy writing about them, then this blog will have to go.

Number gifts: Last year I discovered One Thousand Gifts, and though I don’t agree with Ann Voskamp about everything, I respect her greatly and would be remiss if I did not say, thank you.  Thank you, Ann, for teaching me gratefulness, for showing me the creativity of list-making, for reminding me that writing can be an act of worship and a way to say yes to whatever God has given me right now.


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