Fun on the Homemaking Front

While taking care of the kiddos, I've composed so many blog posts in my head ... someday I may have a moment to sit at the keyboard with both hands free and actually write a few of them :).  Topics range from summertime reading ... I've been loving my reading time in the rocking chair and plowing through a few good nonfiction books and more than a few good fiction ones.  Also a few fledgling thoughts on feminism and raising a daughter, parenting a three-year-old with all its fun and frustration, helping your child have a strong immune system, making amazing smoothies, eating good protein, and parenting our children like God parents us.  Yes, my mind has been jumping around like crazy.

In writing the above paragraph I have only been interrupted twice, by Elanor spitting up and soaking both her hair and her baby gym (add "bathe Elanor" to tomorrow's to-do list since she now smells decidedly like kefir, and are baby gyms washable?) and by Ben saying he's ready to go for a family walk since the weather is so nice.  Make that three interruptions as I just got attacked by a Lego man.  Lego men can be pretty vicious around here.

But to write something that has something to do with the title: I've been having some fun on the homemaking front ... most of it is still in the thinking stage and hasn't actually happened yet, but now that Elanor is 2 months old and we have mostly adjusted to having two children, I'm realizing how unfinished our home looks and how much I want to do.  The upstairs family room is a particular challenge--a big room that I want to turn into play space + sitting area + my office.  Today's idea from my friend Kalli--paint the wall on the play space side of the room chalkboard green.  Like this:

I love how it could complement the green already in the room (green is my favorite color) and give the kids space to be creative.  I'm hoping some artistic friends might come and draw beautiful sketches on the top part.  Or I can use it to write inspiring quotes or dire warnings for the children.

Other homemaking fun has been cooking.  Last week I made a chocolate zucchini cake, which turned out badly enough to make us wish that we hadn't offered the neighbors a piece while it was still in the oven.  Today we (mostly Ben) made a black bean quinoa salad ... so yummy and easy.  Here is the recipe.  I'm not sure why it describes cooking the quinoa in such a complicated way.  I buy big bags of presoaked organic quinoa at Costco, and just cook it 1 part quinoa to 2 parts water, boiling until done.  The recipe was delicious ... fresh-tasting and packed full of protein.  I love quinoa.

Elanor is 2 months old today.  To say I absolutely adore her would be an understatement.  Her birth is one of the best things that has ever happened to me.  I feel inexpressibly blessed to have the privilege of raising a daughter.  Such a gift.  Here is the cutie herself, in one of those brief moments of tummy time before she rolls over.  You can see she's already leaning, and the picture a second later has her on her side.  Can you tell I'm immensely proud of her rolling abilities as only a ridiculous mama would be?  I am also loving the curl potential in her crazy hair.

All right, now for that family walk!  Bye for now.


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