Five Things I’m Loving This Week

 Christmas Decorating

We have an annual tradition of cutting down our tree at a farm (and last year we started a new tradition of letting the kids pick their own little tree to hang their Jesse Tree ornaments on).  I love the memories we make together visiting the Christmas tree farm and then coming home to decorate.

The Christmas season has always been one of my favorite times of year, and it reminds me of how much I have to be grateful for.  It’s also such a fun time of year to spend with little children to remind you to see everything with new eyes and much enthusiasm!

Thanksgiving with My Family

I’m grateful so much of my family was available and in the area to celebrate together this year.  We had get-togethers on Thursday, Friday, and Saturday—lots of good food, fun games, and meaningful conversation.

Being the Pizza Mom

Our family has decided that part of our home schooling needs to be outside-the-home classes that give our kids opportunities to learn from other teachers and to make friends.  I’m thankful David can be a in a Monday morning co-op class this year where he learns Art, P.E., and Science.  This week was the fall semester pizza party, and it was my job to order and bring the pizzas!

I honestly had so much fun picking up 18 pizzas, driving them ever so carefully to the co-op (they were stacked rather precariously above the carseat stand since I hadn’t thought to clean out the mini-van before picking them up!), and then helping to distribute the slices to all the students over lunch.  Definitely a flashback to my private school teaching days!

Downton Abbey

We are watching Season 6 on Couchtuner and I love it.  Cannot wait for the Christmas special.  I am so sad this show is ending.  I think I am a bit too attached to the characters.

Tag-Team Parenting

I am grateful for a husband who is an amazing dad, and we both recognize the kids are as much his responsibility as they are mine.  Parenting is a team project!  I’m so thankful I don’t have to shoulder that burden alone, and when I’m exhausted or need to catch up on work I can basically say to Ben, “Tag—you’re it” and he takes over.

This week our normally happy Brennan started teething and not sleeping so well at night, and when he was making himself known every couple hours, I was extra thankful to be able to share the nighttime duties with Ben!

I realize a potential concern in posting five things I’m loving every week, is that my life can sound perfect, like the highly-polished online image that doesn’t fit reality.  (Look at my great marriage!  My great kids!  My great home!  Everything is awesome!)

Anyone who knows me well knows that my life is far from perfect.  I’m trying to use this series to focus on the positives in my life and encourage myself to be thankful.  Sometimes it seems like everything in life has an underside of pain or sin or just challenging situations to work through.  But it also has a side of joy and an opportunity to cultivate gratefulness.  So that’s what I’m aiming for.

How about you?  What are you loving this week?


  1. Thanksgiving was doubly fun: a 'romantic dinner' in the hospital cafeteria with Lee who came to join me at work :) and then, an over-the-top FEAST at Dan's with multiple interesting friends, and a chance to take another friend who had no where to go. That was good.

    I'm also loving a bit more South Carolina Fall...70's and gorgeous blue sky, after all the rains.

    And I'm loving that I actually can stay at the job I quite love...albeit wearing a mask for 4 months...I'm genuinely thankful and excited about what God still has for me here!

  2. Look at your great marriage! Your great kids! Your great home!

    Your life =

    (I do think y'all are pretty awesome, gotta say.)

    1. I must admit that was the annoying song I was thinking of :).


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