Whole 30 Week 4: finishing up, losing three more pounds, and getting back to chocolate!

I could not have anticipated when I began the Whole 30 that when I reached Week 4, I would somehow injure my foot (still not sure what I did) so that I could hardly walk, and it would be a challenge even to step on the scale to see if I was still losing weight.  (But I did.  Because I’m really motivated to do important things like that.)

Needless to say, I have not been exercising this week.  I was doing some exercise before this week, but not a whole lot, and now I am almost completely sedentary.

But, I lost three more pounds this week despite all the sitting around, bringing the total weight loss for this month’s Whole 30 to thirteen pounds—woohoo!  I am so excited about this, it is almost ironic that I am basically crippled right now.  Aside from that little problem in my foot that is affecting my whole life, I am the healthiest I have been in a long time—I feel great; my anxiety is down; I have energy and clarity of mind.  I am so happy with the success of this month, and hope to do the Whole 30 again to shed those last few postpartum pounds maybe in the summer when so many fresh fruits and vegetables are available.

Here was my meal plan for this week.  My foot became such a crisis that if it would have been easier, I would have abandoned the diet partway through.  But since this was the meal plan I already had, and those were the ingredients we had in our fridge, it was just easier all around to finish strong.  These were easy dishes, and on many of them I had help from my husband or my mom.  So here goes:

  • Breakfasts
    • fried eggs
    • sautéed sausage, mushrooms, and other vegetables
    • raw fruit
  • Lunch ideas
    • salad with grilled chicken, hard boiled egg, avocado, and tomato (olive oil, lemon juice, salt, and pepper as dressing)
    • salmon burgers (from Costco)—we had more of these than usual because they require no prep
    • leftovers from yesterday night’s dinner
  • Snacks
    • carrots/apples and almond butter
    • hard boiled eggs
    • tuna salad with this homemade mayonnaise
      • I never thought I would make homemade mayonnaise because it sounded so complicated.  But really it is so easy (and so much healthier) that I wonder if I will ever buy mayonnaise from the store again.  It does use raw egg—we get eggs from a local farm we trust, and wash the shell well with soap before cracking.
  • Dinners

Today I hit Week 4, so I’m officially done with the Whole 30 (for me it was exactly four weeks, so more like the Whole 28, but hey, thirteen pounds and less anxiety later, I’m not complaining!).  My hope is actually to go off the diet gradually, still tilting our food in the paleo direction, trying to avoid a lot of wheat, sugar, or processed foods.

We celebrated our completion today by making these Fluffy Chocolate Cupcakes for my husband’s birthday tomorrow.  Biting into one was a like a taste of heaven.  I have missed chocolate so much, people!  Who knew something with the primary ingredients of coconut flour and maple syrup could be so good!

I hope this Whole 30 series has helped any of you take healthy steps—it’s definitely helped me to keep accountable and to post my meal plans for future reference!  But for now, I’ll stop talking about it, and as I have time, blog about some other topics.  Because I have talked enough about food for awhile.  Until then …


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