Soul Care for the Busy Woman

There was never enough time for me to get from martial arts on one side of town to dance on the other. Uniforms and bags, children bickering, static on the radio, a one-year-old strapped into the car seat none too happy to be along for the ride.

I was already tired from classroom teaching that afternoon, and regretted filling my Thursdays so full. We were in the middle of a difficult foster care case, and any emotional reserves I may have had were now depleted.

I pulled into a parking space at martial arts and waited for my son. Negative thoughts flitted unchecked across my mind. I am so going to be late to pick up my daughter. Again. How do the other dance moms do it? I am always a disappointment. There is never enough of me to go around.

I pulled out my smart phone to distract myself with Facebook while I waited ....

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